Two New ‘Jurassic World’ TV Spots Feature New Action And Sir Richard Attenborough

Universal continues to elbow us and say, “Remember how much you like Jurassic Park?” with their newest TV spot from Jurassic World. This one features familiar scenes of dinosaur Shamu, of Katie McGrath being snatched by a flying dino, and of poop photography enthusiast Chris Pratt vaguely referencing the ethics of engineering giant mutant dinosaurs (Actually, it’s about ethics in dinosaur cloning.)

But this TV spot gets even more familiar by utilizing Jurassic Park clips in the form of a voiceover by John Hammond himself, the late Sir Richard Attenborough. They must have enlisted an impersonator to help them change the voiceover from “Welcome to Jurassic Park!” to “Welcome to Jurassic World!” In which case, can we have that impersonator’s phone number? We need him to record our outgoing messages. We will spare no expense, provided three dollars in pennies is sufficient.

Also, this other new TV spot is pretty badass.

(Via First Showing)