Jason Momoa Will Try To Save Video Game Movies With ‘Just Cause’

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If this were 1985, would Jason Momoa be the biggest star in the world? While he’s on his way to a higher Hollywood tier with Aquaman, Hollywood hasn’t quite been sure what to do with a man-mountain who loves guitars and has a cheeky sense of humor. Fortunately, somebody finally realized that all they really need to do is give him a bunch of explosives and a thin premise to blow stuff up, which will come in the form of Just Cause.

For non-gamers, the plot of the Just Cause franchise is this: Government agent Rico Rodriguez blows up every standing structure in a country run by a brutal dictator until that dictator more or less just gives up and/or gets shot by Rico. The franchise’s gleeful disregard of physics, not to mention common sense, has made it beloved among gamers. The joke is “Why did Rico crash a bomber into a oil refinery? Just ’cause!”

Helping matters is director Brad Peyton, who worked with another large man possessed of absurd amounts of charisma, Dwayne Johnson, on the disaster movie San Andreas, and who directed Momoa on Canadian drama Frontier. If anybody can make a movie that boils down to one man disassembling a dictator’s military and energy infrastructure with a rocket launcher better, it’s Peyton. Hopefully they’ll begin working on a script soon, although really, if they wanted to just give Momoa a giant pile of explosives to play with and film that, that would also work. Jason Momoa Shreds In Front Of Explosions would probably top the box office.

(via Deadline)