Get To Know The Justice League With These Awesome New Concept Art Clips

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01.20.16 19 Comments

DC rolled out a lot of new footage on the CW last night. We saw Wonder Woman beating up Nazis, we saw the Suicide Squad get rhapsodic in a new trailer, and we saw a buff Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman. But there was also a bit more about other movies in the works. Let’s take a look, shall we?


There’s quite a bit that’s interesting here for comics fans. They’re keeping Aquaman’s origin as the son of a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis, but apparently, when we meet Arthur, he hasn’t been using his powers and doesn’t really have a handle on them. Also, in the concept art we see, he’s flipping tanks with his trident. Go ahead. Quote that Dane Cook routine at him. See where it gets you.

The Flash

Most of interest here is that the Flash we’re going to meet appears to have all his speed powers and then some. Ezra Miller notes he can run through walls, visit other realities, and travel through time. So, maybe that Crisis on Infinite Earths joke isn’t so far-fetched after all.


Similarly, Vic Stone appears to be in full Terminator mode, here. Some of the concept art we see of him, after the accident that requires him to be loaded up with technology, is pretty gnarly. If you look closely at the team shown above, he’s got a very organic look to his tech, which would be in line with the comics.

Green Lantern

Finally, there’s this. We don’t get much about this movie, considering that it’s four years away, but they do hint we’ll see a Lantern on the Justice League, and that it’s all about the Corps, not just Hal Jordan. Maybe we’ll see Jon Stewart get a ring?

The main question this raises is… what threat is the League fighting, exactly? It’s great that DC isn’t watering down their heavy hitters for the sake of a plot, but by the same token, you’ve got Cyborg doing a fastball special through helicopters and Aquaman crushing entire armored divisions. That’s a heck of a lot of power and that’s not even getting into what Superman and Wonder Woman bring to the table. That’s not a team you send after the Polka-Dot Man and his buddies. We’ll just have to wait; we’re sure Batman V Superman will have at least a few clues.

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