‘Justice League Dark’ Is The Next DC Animated Film And Matt Ryan Is Constantine

All of the hype may currently be focused on the big screen Justice League story heading our way next year, starring Batfleck and a whole new crew of superheroes such as Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash. But DC Animation is whipping up a Justice League Dark movie, and although details are sparse excitement levels should be high for multiple reasons.

The first hints of what a Justice League Dark animated film might look like will come on the home video release of The Killing Joke, the most recent animated DC film which has received some criticism and pushback from fans for its content. What we do know is that the film will have Batman appear to round up some of the more magical and “dark” members of the Justice League squad to handle a threat that the traditional JL can’t match up with. Turns out Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman aren’t capable of saving the world all the time.

Even better, John Constantine will be part of the film fighting evil and saving the world. The best part being that Matt Ryan, who portrayed Constantine in the short-lived but decent NBC show, will return as the voice for this version of the supernatural character. What is dead may never die.

(via The AV Club)