‘Justice League’ Just Wrapped Up Filming And The Cast And Crew Are In Celebration Mode

There are all sorts of excellent reasons why it’d be fun to party with Jason Momoa. Is the main one because he’s a charming hunk that you might want as some version of your dad or “daddy?” That’s between us and our daydreams. Besides, his Instagram does a tremendous job of selling how fun pounding brews with Aquaman could be. Especially when his upcoming DC blockbuster Justice League calls it a wrap.

Yes, DC’s big superhero combo movie has apparently packed it in for their production and celebration mode was engaged. Momoa has proudly displayed a healthy assortment of boozy, cheery pics to his Instagram and that’s pretty much always a good call if you’re a remarkably photogenic movie star. In addition to co-starring in the snaps with (non-Alec) Guinness, familiar faces like Ben Affleck and director Zack Snyder also pop up.

We’re open-minded about Justice League and its impending November 2017 release, but all the behind-the-scenes fun suggests that there’s an awesome goofy documentary to be crafted from the production. Hey! Maybe, Snyder can release a “serious” cut of the movie and offer up a sunnier version alongside it. Or just make a movie about Jason Momoa being really excited to drink beer. Ball’s in your auteur court, dude.

(Via Yahoo!)