‘Justice League’ Just Wrapped Up Filming And The Cast And Crew Are In Celebration Mode

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10.15.16 6 Comments

There are all sorts of excellent reasons why it’d be fun to party with Jason Momoa. Is the main one because he’s a charming hunk that you might want as some version of your dad or “daddy?” That’s between us and our daydreams. Besides, his Instagram does a tremendous job of selling how fun pounding brews with Aquaman could be. Especially when his upcoming DC blockbuster Justice League calls it a wrap.

Yes, DC’s big superhero combo movie has apparently packed it in for their production and celebration mode was engaged. Momoa has proudly displayed a healthy assortment of boozy, cheery pics to his Instagram and that’s pretty much always a good call if you’re a remarkably photogenic movie star. In addition to co-starring in the snaps with (non-Alec) Guinness, familiar faces like Ben Affleck and director Zack Snyder also pop up.

Love these fuckers. Rowe and synder. Mahalo for making a home away from home ALOHA j

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Love our crew. I will miss u all ALOHA j

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