Justin Bieber Reportedly Turned Down A Movie Role Over A Gay Sex Scene

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07.26.16 10 Comments
Justin Bieber Performs At KeyArena

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Andy Samberg’s character Conner4Real from Popstar might be more spot-on than previously imagined. Justin Bieber reportedly turned down a role in an upcoming film because it would require a sex scene with another man.

According to Page Six, Bieber was asked to play a pop star in the upcoming movie Uber Girl, but said he would only take the part if a sex scene between his character and a male backup dancer was removed.

“He won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script,” Girl co-writer Pete O’Neill told the gossip website.

The movie is still being shopped around in the hopes that a major studio will co-produce it, but that hasn’t stopped O’Neill from dreaming big. He told Page Six that he wants the film to star Ariana Grande, Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka and Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez — pretty lofty dream cast, to be honest. If Bieber does go for it, it will be his biggest film role since The Night of Too Many Cameos Zoolander 2.

But if Bieber opts out — or if this whole report’s a bunch of bunk — then there are still plenty of entertaining clips of Justin Bieber for us to enjoy. For example, this one of him falling off a stage and into the void.

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