Justin Timberlake Cried At His Own Song In ‘Trolls’ Because He’s A Big Sap Like The Rest Of Us

Justin Timberlake is a dad now. These days, most animated films serve primarily to entertain small children while turning adults accompanying their kids into sobbing piles of tears. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that while watching his latest movie Trolls, Justin Timberlake apparently cried during his own cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” He admitted as much during a recent Deadline event while discussing his participation both musically and acting-wise in the film.

“‘True Colors’ [is] a beautiful song, and it’s a huge emotional moment in the film. And so I’m watching it and I’m like, ‘Am I … crying? At myself?’ I thought my only opportunity to do that was like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a mirror!”

Putting aside how pompous that quote sounds (the guy did sing an entire song about mirrors) it’s not such a bad thing. JT’s crying proves that his heart hasn’t been completely turned to stone during his years in the crushing world of show business. Plus, everybody knows that “True Colors” is a real tearjerker, no matter the vocalist or occasion. So who’s to judge if somebody cries at themselves singing it in a neon-and-glitter filled animated movie based on troll dolls? Nobody, that’s who. You cry those tears JT. Don’t let anybody stop you.

(via Deadline)