Kanye West Thinks Choosing Idris Elba To Play The Next Bond Would Be ‘Visionary’

While Daniel Craig is signed on for at least two more James Bond films, there’s a lot of speculation that Idris Elba could be in line to replace him once the time comes. Idris Elba is flattered and humbled by the possibility, though professional racists are not so keen on the potential choice.

One person who is keen on Idris Elba becoming the next James Bond is Kanye West, who gave an endorsement for Elba to The Sun:

“I know Idris a little bit and he is a big talent. The movies he has been making are special, and when the role for James Bond comes up it needs to be his. James Bond is a role made for British actors and you won’t find a British actor who has the talent of Idris. To be honest you won’t find many anywhere who have his talent.

“Artists should be visionaries. A black James Bond would be visionary no doubt. Something that 30 years ago would have seemed crazy should now be something that is a real possibility.”

I wouldn’t exactly call the movies that Elba has been making “special” (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, No Good Deed, and Obsessed would beg to differ), but given a good role, Elba always nails it. He’d undoubtedly be a strong choice — maybe the best choice — to play the next Bond, and he’s clearly sick of doing Marvel movies, so sign the man up, already.

Source: The Sun