Katherine Heigl And Alexis Bledel Couldn’t Look Less Happy To Marry In The ‘Jenny’s Wedding’ Trailer

IFC Films released the new trailer for Jenny’s Wedding. The film stars Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel as a lesbian couple coping with outside forces in their quest to tie the knot. This should be the happiest time of these two characters’ lives, but they couldn’t look more bummed.

However, the trailer might satisfy anyone who ever wanted to see little Rory Gilmore and Izzie Stevens walk down the aisle together. There may be a few guys out there still willing to indulge this fantasy. Audiences still maintain a good deal of goodwill for Bledel, although the same can’t be said for Heigl.

This film doesn’t seem like an upliftting romcom but like an effort for Heigl to prove her range. The film will see a brief theater release (July 31) and hit VOD one day later.