Katherine Heigl Thinks It Was ‘Dumb’ Of Her To Call ‘Knocked Up’ ‘A Little Sexist’

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04.20.16 27 Comments
knocked up


Katherine Heigl was the Next Big Thing.

She was an Emmy-winning actress on one of TV’s biggest shows, Grey’s Anatomy, and the co-lead of Knocked Up, which went on to earn over $200 million at the box office. But then, in a widely read Vanity Fair profile, Heigl criticized the Judd Apatow comedy, which she said was “hard for me to love,” for being “a little sexist,” and her career slowly started going off the rails. She grew a reputation for being difficult — that’s a word people mean negatively when it’s attached to a woman, and admiringly for a man (“Marlon Brando was difficult… but that’s part of his genius!”) — and she’s never really recovered. Her last movie, Jenny’s Wedding, launched an Indiegogo campaign to cover post-production costs.

On today’s Howard Stern Show, Heigl said it was “dumb” of her to criticize Knocked Up, which she liked “a lot.” But she didn’t like — wait for it — herself.

“She was kind of like, she was so judgmental and kind of uptight and controlling and all these things and I really went with it while we were doing it, and a lot of it, Judd allows everyone to be very free and improvise and whatever and afterwards, I was like, ‘Why is that where I went with this? What an asshole she is!'”

“It was, again, one of those situations, it was a huge opportunity for me. I was being interviewed for Vanity Fair. Like, I was on the cover of Vanity Fair, it was a huge big deal for me. And the journalist… just said, ‘You know a lot of women felt it was a little sexist’ so then I felt obligated to answer that and so I tried in my very sort of ungracious way to answer why I felt that it maybe was a little.” (Via)

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