Katt Williams Earns A Hefty Ban Thanks To His Fight With A Teenager

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It’s been a rough time for Georgia lately, what with that whole anti-LGBT law that made Disney and Warner Bros. consider shifting any productions in the state elsewhere. Not to mention the recent incident where a State Representative was arrested for drinking and driving with a gun and kids in the car. The state could really use a win after all these missteps, so it’s good for them that Katt Williams and his penchant for arrests swung through to help them out. After being arrested for getting into a fight with a teenager, Williams has now been banned from housing projects all over the state.

In the embarrassing incident, Katt threw a punch at a 17-year old and subsequently got owned in the fight. When a sucker punch and a 30-year age gap isn’t enough to give you an upper hand in a fight, there are definitely some things for you to reconsider. In the aftermath, Katt has now been banned from any Gainesville Housing Authority properties and, according to TMZ’s coverage of the arrest, will be arrested immediately if he steps foot on any of the 14 properties in the state. This is just another chapter in Williams’ current arrest saga, which includes being arrested for guns and drugs found in his home as well as this most recent incident.

(via TMZ)