Helen Mirren Feels Very Flattered That People Are Comparing Her To Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend

Over the weekend, all-around good guy Keanu Reeves hit the red carpet with his girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant. This is, as far as celebrity news goes, not very exciting.

Reeves and Grant weren’t escorted by the beagle from John Wick, and they didn’t spontaneously break into an a cappella version of a Dogstar song. But what made the appearance notable is that “Reeves, who has kept his personal life very private, had never posed with a girlfriend on the red carpet in his 35-year acting tenure,” according to Insider. The relationship has also inspired many-a think piece, as Reeves, 55, and Grant, 46, are roughly the same age; meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio, 44, has rarely dated someone older than 25, and Dennis Quaid, 65, is engaged to a 26-year-old.

Upon first glance of the red carpet photos, it was easy to mistake Grant for Helen Mirren, who addressed the compassions during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I saw that,” she said about the internet’s reaction. “That was very flattering on me, you know, because she’s obviously lovely.” Mirren knows Reeves “very well” because her husband, Taylor Hackford, directed him in The Devil’s Advocate, and he is “the most adorable, lovely person,” she added. “So she’s a lucky girl and I’m sure that he’s a lucky boy.”

How has Helen Mirren not been in a John Wick movie yet?

(Via Entertainment Tonight)