Watch Keanu Reeves Be A Badass While In Training For ‘John Wick 2’

We take Keanu Reeves’ handiness with a gun for granted. He’s probably emptied more clips and plugged more bad guys than Schwarzenegger or Jason Statham, and yet, many of his films, and even his very existence, have entered meme territory. It’s a shame. Keanu is quite the action star, and you could even say his gunplay is far more advanced than most. Even bordering on Chow Yun Fat levels of badassery. Being so good with a pistol, shotgun and automatic rifle isn’t easy, and yet Keanu’s familiarity with firearms flavors his favorite films with a fine ferocity, if we are to delve into alliteration.

We all know that John Wick was one of the best action movies in recent memory, and now the sequel is set for an early 2017 release. That means Keanu is now deep into preparation for his upcoming “kill all the bad guys, save all the dogs” epic. Judging by this footage of Keanu blazing through a firing range at Taran Tactical Innovations, he looks ready to kill all of the bad guys. All of them. Every. Single. One.

Keanu also strikes me as someone who would do well during the zombie apocalypse (as long as he has plenty of ammunition).