Keanu Would Be Cool With ‘Doctor Strange’

Ever since Joaquin Phoenix bailed, people have been wondering who might play Doctor Strange. Turns out, Keanu Reeves might be down, but he’d have to see a few scripts first.

As posted by Collider, they put the question to Reeves, and he seemed intrigued. But he has a good point that might explain some of Marvel’s problems: For a multi-picture contract, the director and the material really need to be at a certain level. Witness Johnny Depp, who probably was not expecting to make movies about pirates until hell freezes over or he gets too old for the part, whichever comes first.

It’s unlikely Reeves is going to sign on for Doctor Strange; the movie has studio time booked and they need to cast pronto. As we said earlier, Marvel either needs to think outside the box when casting, or they need to give a star an offer they can’t really turn down. And it’s not like Keanu has this expensive passion project he’s been trying to get made for ye-oh wait.

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