Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, And Diane Keaton Will Reunite for ‘Divanation’

In news that is too good to be real, but somehow it is and it’s almost frightening how much I’m already attached to this idea and God help anyone who stands in the way of this movie: Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton have signed on for a Netflix movie called Divanation. No, this is not a fever dream you’re having while drunk-watching The First Wives Club for the 614th time. Keaton, Hawn, and Midler are truly reuniting, and all is right with the world (except for all of the deeply horrible things going on in the world).

For the unfamiliar or aforementioned drunken viewers, this is the same trio that done changed the divorced-middle-aged-women-in-movies game with The First Wives Club back in 1996. Rather than playing into sadsack divorcee stereotypes, the three play feisty best friends hellbent on seeking revenge on their terrible ex-husbands while clad in impressive white power suits. They sing, they dance, they hurl things at each other, they expose income-tax fraud, they clash with a young Sarah Jessica Parker, and ultimately, they start a crisis center for women, then sing and dance again in the middle of a New York street because they can.

Though Divanation isn’t technically a sequel to First Wives Club (which never got made despite interest from all parties, Hawn explained last year, because “fear of women’s movies is embedded in the culture”), it sort of sounds like it could be, if we squint really hard. Deadline reports that Keaton, Hawn, and Midler will “star as members of a once-popular singing group forced to reconnect after their volatile split and 30-year estrangement.” The three — referred to by Deadline as “the diva trio,” yes, please — have a “tense and cathartic” reunion, “as they realize what made them so successful all those years ago.”

See what I mean? Annie, Brenda, and Elise could totally have formed a singing group after the events of First Wives Club, and seeing as the first movie unfolded after the trio reunited following a long-term estrangement, it’s easy to imagine that they’d go another 30 years without seeing each other (provided there is a 10-year time jump into the future, I know, this is getting complicated, but just trust me, Netflix!).