Kevin Bacon Had To Rent ‘Footloose’ To Learn His Old Dance Moves For His ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

It’s been nearly a year since Kevin Bacon appeared on The Tonight Show and took part in a fantastic Footloose tribute to enter the show. It was very popular and according to Bacon, touched a lot of hearts for some reason.

What you might not know is that Kevin Bacon didn’t know those moves by heart. A shock, I’m sure. The entire tribute took a lot of preparation and Bacon even had to rent Footloose to relearn his dance moves. It might be disappointing to that person who was deeply moved by the performance, but I think it’s nice to know that Bacon is there to defend dance at a moment’s notice. Also he’s a good sport.

Driving that last point home, Bacon joined Don Cheadle, Nick Jonas, and Jimmy Fallon for a game of Pictionary later in the show. I would’ve much rather gotten a Tremors tribute, but whatever.