Kevin Bacon Was Forced To Demolish A Home He Purchased Because It Was Just Too Haunted

Kevin Bacon knows how to do creepy, quirky, and gross, but there is one thing he won’t mess with: ghosts. The actor recently went on Rob Lowe’s podcast where he told a story about how he bought some potentially haunted farmland in Connecticut in the ’80s. To be fair, if you are buying land in Connecticut, the odds are pretty good there is some weird energy there.

Bacon said that the owner told him, “I can’t sell it to you because it’s haunted and I’m afraid that you’ll get possessed and, you know, do some serious damage.” Eventually, Bacon was able to make an agreement with the landowner that he could buy the land on the condition that he had to destroy the home within a month. Sounds a bit like the first half of an Ari Aster movie.

While Bacon has not had any supernatural occurrences on the property, he confirmed that his wife would not even take anything from the house before it was demolished. “[We] went up there and there were some beautiful old pine boards and a banister and I said to Kyra [Sedgwick], ‘We’ve gotta take those out.’ And she’s like, ‘No you’re not. You’re not putting those f***ing things in our house.'” You know nothing good happens when you mess with potentially possessed objects.

As for the history of the home, Bacon said, “It was a long story that had to do with a Native American who, in the 1700s, had been murdered by a colonial soldier,” he recounted. “[The owner] had had ghostbusters there. It was a whole long thing.” It seems that Bacon has learned how to leave ghost-infested properties. Finally!!!!

(Via EW)