Kevin Bacon Is Calling For More Male Nudity In Hollywood With This #FreeTheBacon PSA

Hollywood has a serious male-nudity problem. This isn’t news. Take a show like Game of Thrones, which features gratuitous sex scenes and female nudity, yet we rarely get so much of a glimpse of a dong — butts at the most — so much so that stars Kit Harington and Jack Gleeson have both spoken out on the subject.

Well, Kevin Bacon is here to change that. In this PSA with Mashable’s Watercooler, the Baconator laments at the lack of dick in Hollywood. And it’s not even just about the ladies! Bacon says that, as a male actor, he wants to be naked, too, and will even play “a naked wizard or something” on Game of Thrones if they’d let him. And he makes a good point: The Following did not have a single shot of Bacon’s penis, and it’s now canceled.

So, what can we do? Bacon suggests tweeting out pictures of your genitals with the hashtag #FreeTheBacon, an idea that’s probably misguided at best. I think we probably still have a ways to go before the day we truly see nudity equality in Hollywood.

(Via Mashable)