Kevin Smith Is Teasing The ‘Bluntman V Chronic’ Casting In ‘Reboot,’ And People Are Rooting For Ben Affleck

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In March, Ben Affleck admitted that he’d love to reunite with old pal Kevin Smith (pictured above at a 1997 Chasing Amy event, whoa) for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The timing of his declaration suggested otherwise, given that the movie will come out at some point in 2019 (no official release date yet), but maybe the display of goodwill has something to do with Smith’s recent defense of Affleck’s “unfairly maligned” Batman? We may never know the answer to that question, but this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll learn who’s playing the “more modern” duo in Bluntman V. Chronic, the movie-inside-the-movie that will be highlighted inside Smith’s first trailer for Reboot on Saturday in Hall H.

The View Askewniverse director teased the casting reveal of both Bluntman and Chronic (replacing Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek, respectively) with this poster and captions. It’s gonna be a female Chronic now, and Smith encouraged people to take guesses on both Twitter and Instagram.

It seems likely that Melissa Benoist (who plays Supergirl in the CW series and who appeared in a Twitter photo with Smith a few days ago) has been cast as Chronic. So, who’s playing Bluntman? Well, Chris Hemsworth nabbed a Reboot mystery role earlier this year, so maybe he’ll carry his MCU vibes into the Bluntman costume? Uhhhh, a lot of folks would like it to be Affleck instead.

Unfortunately and while it’s good to dream, it truly sounds like Ben Affleck is almost certainly not Bluntman. Smith surfaced in his Instagram comments to reveal that while some folks guessed the Chronic casting accurately, “*nobody* has guessed who plays Bluntman yet. But when you see who it is in the trailer, you’ll feel so happy and warm inside.”

Via Kevin Smith on Instagram

Soooooo, it’s probably not Hemsworth either, given that people tossed his name out as guesses on both platforms. Who could Bluntman be that people haven’t guessed yet …. Matt Damon? We’ll find out on Saturday when the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer debuts at SDCC.