Kevin Smith Loved Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Trailer And Was Happy To Receive Kevin Hart’s Souvenir Scissors

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Kevin Smith has become well-known for his strong reactions to movies. He chronicled his own emotions as he wept on the set of Star Wars: Episode IX and VII. He woke up early like it was Christmas so he could get emotional watching the trailer for Avengers: Endgame. Now, movies appear to be actively seeking out Smith for reactions. The first being Jordan Peele’s Us.

After seeing the trailer, which debuted on Christmas, Smith tweeted a picture of the pair of scissors that were sent to his house to commemorate the upcoming horror film. While most people are trying to figure out what the trailer for Peele’s new movie reveals/means, Smith is probably left wondering whether or not he was even supposed to get a pair of scissors because his were addressed to Kevin Hart.

Thank U @JordanPeele! I loved your unsettling @UsMovie trailer but I’ll try to get rid of the scissors before my doppelgänger finds them! You have not only my admiration but also at least 20 of my bucks whenever one of your flicks hits theaters! Also: I got @KevinHart4real’s box.

Does Kevin Hart appear in everything these days? Yes, even Kevin Smith’s Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, Ice Cube and Patton Owsalt were among those in the entertainment community to receive Us scissors.

Smith and everyone else can see Us in theaters in March. Then, assuming the film is as popular as Get Out, the scissors will be a popular gift for anyone who works in an office next Christmas.