Kevin Spacey Is Now An Honorary Knight, According To The Queen Of England

Several famous actors, musicians and other notable entertainment personalities were honored at the annual Birthday Honors of Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday. One of the highlights was the knighting of “Brown-Eyed Girl” singer Van Morrison, but perhaps the best bit of news came in the form of American actor Kevin Spacey’s new honorary title.

Spacey tweeted his thanks to the queen and the British royalty after becoming an Honorary Knight:

As THR notes, Spacey has served as the artistic director of the Old Vic theater in London for almost 10 years. The honorary knighthood is given in thanks for the actor’s service to his “adopted” home across the pond.

However, there’s a slight catch with Spacey’s new designation. You see, Knights of the British Order are given titles, which is why we now refer to the likes of “Sir” Paul McCartney and “Sir” Elton John. So what do we now call the man who already maintains the coveted designation of “Mr. President”? Sir Frank Underwood? Sir Mr. President? I’m confused.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)