Rejoice! The ‘Kevin Spacey Is A Cat’ Movie ‘Nine Lives’ Has Another Trailer!

America’s two favorite cuddly obsessions are together at last! Yes, ultra-cute kitty cats and ultra-cute Kevin Spacey have been combined into one unlikely movie creature that we’ve been obsessed with for over a year now.

The impeccably titled Nine Lives features/BOASTS the premise of Spacey as a perpetually busy businessman that can’t find time for his family and (as is customary) is trapped inside the body of a cat thanks to Christopher Walken. (Maybe Walken’s weird mysterious Nine Lives pet shop owner is related to Walken’s weird mysterious universal remote giver from Click?) We’ve already showcased one of the trailers for this comedy, but who could turn down more footage of cat goofz punctuated by Spacey shouting things like “ALLLLEEEEY-OOP!” into your soul?

Men In Black helmer Barry Sonnenfield directs this upcoming effort which also features the likes Jennifer Garner, Cheryl Hines and The Duff thespian Robbie Amell somehow nudging Spacey back into being a proper human family man THAT LEARNS PUTTING WORK FIRST IS NOT THE CAT’S PYJAMAS! In case you were wondering, Nine Lives isn’t scared of a little summer movie season trash talk, either.

The eerily mesmerizing new trailer (complete with Spacey in a saucy red and white number) is tucked above for your viewing pleasure. Is there a joke about Spacey getting neutered in there? Darn tootin’ there is! Nine Lives will make its way into theaters on August 5.