Watch Key And Peele Lose Their Cool While Eating Insanely Hot Wings

Key and Peele
are masters of comedy. But how are their jokes after they’ve had five insanely spicy chicken wings?

For the answer to that question, check out the video from First We Feast, below. Sean Evans sat down with the comedic pair for an interview on everything from their new movie, Keanu, to what’s happened to some of their beloved characters post Key & Peele (think Hingle McCringleberry), all while feeding them wings doused in some of the hottest sauce on the planet.

So yeah, they basically lose their minds.

But in a great way. After the heat starts kicking in, Key and Peele start abusing Evans in their typically hilarious, off-the-cuff manner. “It seems like you figured out something you can do, and you build a whole show around it,” Peele says after Evans asks them if they’re at all impressed with his heat-handling prowess. “Oh, you go to hell, Sean,” Key adds. He also accuses Evans’ insides of being made of asbestos, and that’s before they reach the hottest wing.

When the pair are given 30 seconds to pitch anything at the end, they send out a PSA to viewers: “If you’re watching this show,” Key says, “don’t ever come on the show.” To which Peele adds, “Don’t get into the film industry, because you might end up on this show.”

Check out the full video below. Full disclosure: you might need a sympathy glass of milk to drink while you’re watching. It’s that hot.