Watch This 5-Year-Old Perfectly Imitate Bruce Lee’s Fight Scene From ‘Game Of Death’

This video is so badass, words can hardly do it justice. In the clip, a 5-year-old named Ryusei recreates one of the most famous moments in martial arts film history: Bruce Lee’s nunchuck battle from Game of Death.

If you are somehow not familiar with the 1972 classic, Bruce Lee’s Billy Lo has a pivotal confrontation with rival Pasqual toward the end of the film. With this scene playing in the background on a TV, little Ryusei syncs his movements and dialogue to that of Lee, including yelling all the famous “WOOS!!” and “AWWWS!!”. Amazingly, the 5-year-old flawlessly performs the nunchuck moves from the film as well. To top it all off, he even wears Lee’s famous yellow jumpsuit and uses yellow nunchucks.

On May 2nd, the supposed “Fight of the Century” is fetching thousands of dollars in Vegas. It’s fair to say I would rather pay to see Ryusei tear up some hapless foe Bruce Lee style instead.

Source: Daily Dot