‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Has Death Lassos And Whiskey Drones In A New R-Rated Trailer

2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service finally let Matthew Vaughn achieve what was so clearly his one goal as a director: Make a Bond movie, preferably the best one ever. Not only that, it managed to affectionately satirize them while mixing their ’60s excess with modern effects and style. So, what’s next, in Kingsman: The Golden Circle? Whiskey drones, lassos that slice dudes in half, and C-Tates, that’s what.

In the wake of the last film, Eggsy (Taron Edgerton) has become a full-on private secret agent. But, when a new threat (Julianne Moore) emerges and blows up pretty much the entire Kingsman organization, Eggsy and the few remaining Kingsmen have to turn to their American cousins, who use a distilling conglomerate as a front for Agents Tequila (Tatum), Whiskey (Pedro Pascal), and Champagne (Jeff Bridges), among others, to protect America from threats with Winchesters, revolvers, and this:

Since almost everybody from the original movie is back, and this time around the cast is packed with even more stars, including Halle Berry and, if the IMDb is to be believed, Elton John, it should be fun to see how it can top the original. We’ll find out on September 22nd, when it arrives in the US.