Kittens And ‘Star Wars’ Droid BB-8 Do Not Mix

In light of BB-8 frolicking with puppies, Vanity Fair decided to see how it would go when the roly-poly droid interacted with kittens. In retrospect, they really should have seen the results coming.

Unlike the puppies, which just saw a new friend, the kitties, and one kitten in particular, saw prey. Let’s not forget, our feline friends are, in fact, predators, they’re just predators we’ve managed to domesticate to not attack us all the time. As a result, BB-8, and the other kittens, are terrorized by Darth Kitty before somebody loses their head.

And yes, it’s adorable. We just hope it’s not a preview of what happens to BB-8 in the movie; that poor little guy is doomed by his very form to get kicked, and that should be the only indignity he suffers.

(Via Laughing Squid)