The Latest Clips From ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Confirm That Monsters Exist And They Will Battle

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02.19.17 2 Comments

Monsters are plentiful in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island, but we have to ask ourselves… who are the real monsters? *watches a clip of King Kong getting into a donnybrook with a giant lizard creature* Oh! It’s those two. That’s a relief. I was worried I’d have to have a hard think about my life.

Next month’s Kong showcase has released a collection of new clips into the wild. Included in the latest crop is an interesting mix of a tense tête-à-tête between Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman, the aforementioned bit of monster brawling and other things that make you wonder if you should be saving them for when the movie actually opens on March 10. Bah, they’re here right friggin’ now. Savor them.

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