Will ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Lead To The Giant Monster Mash-Up We Crave?

Who doesn’t love a good giant monster movie? We saw Pacific Rim and said, “Yes, bring us more enormous mech suits vs. creature fights.” We saw Godzilla and said, “I like it, but can we have more of that charming lizard?” Since the original King Kong came out in 1933, movie-goers have demanded to see larger-than-life beings destroying landmarks and swatting away puny humans. And with the ridiculously fun Kong: Skull Island, a new franchise based solely on giant monsters fighting for our enjoyment could be a reality.

Warner Bros. already announced that it’s working toward a Godzilla vs. King Kong face-off down the line, but what if it doesn’t stop there? A fan theory suggests that now that Warner Bros. owns the rights to Godzilla, King Kong, and the Pacific Rim world, they could easily end up in a massive battle royale, complete with Mothra and hopefully Mechagodzilla. Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro enthusiastically supported a Jaeger duking it out with the beloved lizard. And it’s not a ridiculous notion as Godzilla and the Kaiju stand at comparable sizes. Throwing ol’ Kong in there may not be as fair since he’s about one-third the size of the competition, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t stand a chance, especially if he’s riding on the back of a large moth hopefully chucking barrels. Godzilla, Kong, and the Kaiju are all also discovered in the Pacific Ocean, whether it be on an island or in an inter-dimensional portal. And who doesn’t fight with their neighbors?

We’re already in a world where directors can find Avengers-type franchises in anything, so is it that crazy that Warner Bros. isn’t ushering in this monster mash-up? We have to believe in something extraordinary every now and again.