‘Kong: Skull Island’ Will Team Up J.K. Simmons And Tom Hiddleston

It’s about time Loki and J. Jonah Jameson shared the screen, and apparently that’s finally going to happen. Just not, sadly, in a Marvel movie. Instead Tom Hiddleston and J.K. Simmons will be fighting giant animals in a prequel to a giant ape movie.

It’s not clear what role Simmons is playing just yet, according to the story broken by Deadline, although we’re assuming it will be something that involves the adjective “grizzled” and dying heroically in the third act. What we do know is that it will essentially be Jurassic Park, but with more giant animals trying to eat everyone and set during the 1920s. No, you cannot buy tickets yet. We checked.

A King Kong prequel is a vaguely silly idea; even Peter Jackson’s lengthy remake was a self-contained movie that didn’t really need anybody laying out what Kong was up to before he got dragged off to New York by Jack Black. But at least it has a good cast, and really, is there ever a moment where we don’t need a movie featuring professional, experienced actors going toe-to-toe with dinosaurs?