Kristen Bell Will Be The First-Ever Host Of The SAG Awards

Kristen Bell will host the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, marking the first time the SAG awards has ever had a host in its 24-year history. In a Twitter video announcing the event, Bell said, “Like Anne Hathaway and James Franco did, I’m doing that? Why? Did I lose a bet?” She also says the date of the show is January 22 rather than its actual date, so we’re already off to a rock-solid start. It’s OK, she’s Kristen Bell, we’re cool with it.

Kathy Connell, the executive producer of the SAG Awards said back in 2013, “We chose to not have a host was because we didn’t want the time taken away from the people we were honoring. Our show is just two hours long. We wanted the whole evening to be about the actors and not about one personality.”

Connell has obviously changed her tune quite a bit as she released this statement announcing Bell’s hosting gig: “We are delighted to have Kristen Bell as the first-ever host of the SAG Awards. This has been a year in which assumptions have been challenged, stereotypes have been shattered, and precedents have been broken. We decided to capture the cultural mood by casting aside one of our own traditions, and we’re thrilled to have such a talented performer like Bell help us do so.”

The SAG Awards will air on TBS and TNT Sunday, January 21, 2018. Nominations will be announced December 13.

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