Kristen Stewart Called Hollywood ‘Disgustingly Sexist’ And ‘Offensive’

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It’s not only women directors who hear the sexist sh*t people say. It’s basically every female in Hollywood, including writers and actresses, like Justin Bieber impersonator Kristen Stewart, who recently spoke out about how “crazy” and “offensive” Hollywood is for women. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, the Twilight star said, “Hollywood is disgustingly sexist. It’s crazy. It’s so offensive, it’s crazy. Women inevitably have to work a little bit harder to be heard.”

Stewart added that fame can be “the worst thing in the world.” “Especially if it’s pointless,” she said. “When people say. ‘I want to be famous’ – why? You don’t do anything.'” (Via)

“You don’t do anything.” Some people would say the same thing about Stewart’s acting style. I’m not one of them, though. Who else could pull this off?

Probably Anna Kendrick, and Emily Blunt, and Zoe Saldana, but they haven’t yet. So, K-Stew wins.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)