Casting Kristen Wiig As Cheetah In ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Is A Bold And Great Idea

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03.09.18 28 Comments
kristen wiig wonder woman 2 cheetah

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By this point, it’s kind of cheap to go back and find message board comments reacting to the news that Heath Ledger had been tapped to play The Joker in The Dark Knight, which I just did. First of all, thinking back, it was kind of a crazy choice. It’s funny to read through now and see people say things like, “Aw, man, this sucks, I was hoping for Robin Williams or Crispin Glover.” And it’s funny because a lot of these message boards also have people coming back years later to post things like, “Well, I guess we were wrong.”

But the reason it’s cheap is because it’s the one perfect example of this kind of situation (well, ignoring what happened to Ledger in real life, which we are doing): Hire an actor you would never think of for the role of a famous villain, people freak out, actor wins an Oscar for the performance. You see, that’s only happened once. But the reaction today that Kristin Wiig will play Cheetah in the second Wonder Woman film is reminding me of the initial reaction to Ledger. And who knows how it will eventually play out, but bold and unique choices are good and this is certainly a bold and unique choice.

Look, sometimes bold and unique choices don’t always work. I loved it when Jesse Eisenberg was picked to play Lex Luthor. It was new and refreshing! Then Zack Snyder decided Lex Luthor would fight Superman with a jar of his own piss. (This really happened.) That’s not Eisenberg’s fault. (At least, I don’t think it is. If Jesse Eisenberg was on set and said, “Hey, I have an interesting idea involving urine,” I don’t think I want to know.) So, no, that one hasn’t panned out yet, but nothing worked in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (Also, this is a movie that killed Jimmy Olsen by shooting him in the head execution style.) And I still think there is a director out there who will find something interesting to do with Eisenberg’s talents. So, I haven’t given up on that yet, but I also realize these kinds of offbeat choices don’t always work out and this paragraph is here to stop people from tweeting these sorts of examples at me.

But there’s a big difference here: After the near-universal acclaim for Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins, like Christopher Nolan before her with Batman Begins, has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. (Snyder was coming off of the mixed reaction to Man of Steel.) Obviously Nolan – who had already made a great Batman movie – saw something he liked in Ledger’s version of The Joker. And now Jenkins – who has already made a great Wonder Woman movie – obviously sees something in Wiig for Wonder Woman’s archenemy.

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