The Director Of ‘Kung Fury’ Just Revealed He’s Making A Sequel

The delightfully campy homage to vintage ’80s action flicks Kung Fury has been capturing people’s imagination since Swedish film maker David Sandberg released it for free across the internet in May of 2016. That was his way of thanking the nearly 18,000 people who backed the making of the $600,000 film on Kickstarter, and now a year later he has more good news for fans of laser raptors and killer arcade machines.

The original Kung Fury was a 30 minute production that saw a tough as nails cop named Kung Fury (of course) go back in time to kill Hitler (obviously). The ridiculous script was held together with even more ridiculous special effects that perfectly recreated the look and feel of those old VHS B-movies you find tucked away at the back of Salvation Army stores.

There’s no word yet on whether a larger studio has picked up Kung Fury 2 for a feature length release, but considering the first movie managed to land David Hasselhoff for the theme song and music video, we’re sure whatever comes from this is going to be radical in the extreme.

Watch the full first Kung Fury film right here, if you think you can handle it: