J.J. Abrams Reveals The Dark Backstory Of Kylo Ren’s Table Of Ashes

Entertainment Editor
04.06.16 4 Comments

Kylo Ren, amongst other things, is a hoarder. But he doesn’t hoard dice or old-school lightsabers, or even, mugs from cantinas across the universe. It turns out Ben Solo’s dust pile, whose origins have been irking super fans attempting to dissect everything in The Force Awakens, is his favorite memorabilia. J.J. Abrams revealed exactly what the dust was that Kylo Ren slammed his helmet into as he was force-interrogating Rey in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and it’s pretty dark. Kylo Ren likes to hoard the ashes of his fallen enemies.

It really makes you wonder what Han and Leia did to make this kid so morbid. Not even his grandpa would store the ashes of his enemies in a nice pile inside his living quarters.

“The backstory is, that that table has the ashes of the enemies he’s killed,” Abrams says. “That moment was actually shot for, and meant to be used in, the scene where he was talking to the Vader mask.”

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