J.J. Abrams Explains Kylo Ren’s Mindset In That Unforgettable Han Solo Scene

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens made over $2 billion, so is it a spoiler at this point to talk about Han Solo and Kylo Ren’s relationship and how it ended? Everybody probably knows by now that Kylo Ren is Ben Solo, and he kills his dad, Han Solo, whom he feels abandoned by, in a gut-punch of a scene at the end. And if you didn’t know, oops, spoiler. Go cry about it like Kylo does.

The Force Awakens is coming out in a 3D collector’s edition on November 15th in the U.S. (because money), and with it comes a new commentary track from director J.J. Abrams. Part of the commentary addresses what was going through Kylo Ren’s mind when he committed patricide. Was it his plan all along, or another impulsive decision from a tantrum-throwing, petulant brat?

It sounds like the latter, as J.J. Abrams explains in an exclusive video at USA Today as transcribed by Screen Rant:

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