It’s OK That There’s A ‘La La Land’ Backlash

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01.09.17 8 Comments

On Sunday night, in between Meryl Streep’s impassioned speech about treating others with dignity and Tom Hiddleston’s announcement that people in South Sudan love his TV show (honestly, I’m at least trying to assume Hiddleston was trying to be sincere and just missed the mark, but this might be my favorite speech in any awards show ever because it was the perfect encapsulation of a supposedly meaningful, but self-congratulatory “awards show speech”; drop this baby in a parody film verbatim and it will be hilarious), the movie La La Land won a lot of Golden Globes. Seven, in fact – which set a Golden Globe record for the most ever won on one evening. This led to a lot of people in my Twitter feed being very unhappy about this.

It’s hard to not find this at least a little bit annoying at first. In a world, right now, where people are desperately looking for any little thing to grasp onto to “like” – something that actually makes them feel happy – it seems a little much to go on an all out war against it. “Oh, This Movie Makes You Happy? Well, Fuck You, Here’s Why You’re An Idiot.” (I may be wrong, but I think that’s an actual title somewhere.) Yes, a lot of it’s a bit strong considering we’re talking about a movie here, but I’ve decided I’m okay with it. In the end it’s nothing personal, it’s just The Frontrunner. This is what we do to frontrunners.

I have few friends who cover culture and who also like sports. My friends who don’t like sports bemoan “the fan” attitude toward these “games,” but then act completely the same when it comes to defending his or her favorite movie. If I took all the tweets in my feed that mentioned the New England Patriots, then switched the team name with “La La Land,” and vice versa, they would still make perfect sense.

Here’s one:

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