Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone’s Musical ‘La La Land’ Trailer Will Have You Swooning

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. I was too busy swooning over the teaser trailer for La La Land, a romantic movie-musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and now you’re swooning, too. Baby Goose plays a jazz musician, Stone is an aspiring actress, and they’re trying to make it big in Hollywood. This is the third time the actors have shared a project — one, Crazy, Stupid, Love, is better (and more shirtless) than the other, Gangster Squad — but La La Land, written and directed by Whiplash‘s Damien Chazelle, is the first time Gosling and Stone have danced in the sky together.

That’s a potentially worrying development. Like Wes Anderson’s lesser films, or even certain parts of (500) Days of Summer, La La Land could be too precious for its own good. But the trailer hints at something dark and heartbreaking that should offset the fleeting moments of tweeness. The movie premieres at the Venice Film Festival next month, and according to artistic director Alberto Barbera, La La Land “does not merely reinvent the musical genre, it gives it a brand new start.” Also, Ryan Gosling sings an original song called “City to Stars” and stares into Emma Stone’s cartoon eyes.

[continues swooning]

La La Land comes out Dec. 2.