Lars Von Trier Is Worried He Can Only Make Sh*tty Films Now That He’s Clean And Sober

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11.30.14 9 Comments
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Anyone who has ever watched one of Lar von Trier’s films has probably come to the same conclusion: this man has a familiar relationship with drugs. And it’s true, he was loaded out of his mind.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the controversial Danish filmmaker spent most creative nights (and days) pumping himself full of various illicit substances. Why? To get those creative juices flowing, even if said juices spiraled down a toilet bowl:

In a frank admission, von Trier, 58, said he had to drink a bottle of vodka daily to help him enter a “parallel world” he felt he needed to be in to be creative, and that almost all of his films were written under the influence.

The director worried that now, because he was clean, he would only produce “shitty films.”

How does von Trier know his new-found sobriety will ruin his cinematic artistry? Well, aside from a brief comparison to the Rolling Stones (still going strong and sober-ish) and Jimmy Hendrix (dead), he gives a telling example:

Von Trier said that Dogville, fueled by a drug binge, was written in 12 days, whereas he had written Nymphomaniac while sober and that had taken 18 months.

Frankly, I’m surprised any writing was involved in the making of Nymphomaniac. Unless we’re talking about the writing on Shia LaBeouf’s bag.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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