Latest ‘Jurassic World’ Featurette Promises To Make You Feel Like A Terrified Kid Again

While everyone’s favorite drunk actor Chris Pratt is busy showing off his fancy stunt work, executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Colin Trevorrow have plenty more to say about Jurassic World in the latest featurette. The two men discuss the film’s merits in between cuts of footage both new and old.

In a much-repeated line, Spielberg claims that “To see Jurassic World come to life is like seeing Jurassic Park come true.” A fine sentiment, no doubt, but nowhere near as telling as Trevorrow’s statement:

“My goal with this movie has always been to make adults be able to feel like they’re kids again.”

Of course, what Trevorrow doesn’t say is that he wants us all to feel like frightened-into-wetting-the-bed kids again. In 3D, no less.

(Via Universal Pictures)