Princess Leia’s Gold Bikini Sold For An Insane Amount of Money

As the wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets more and more desperate, fans are becoming more and more willing to shell out some serious cash to own a piece of the film series’ history. We reported back in September that Princess Leia’s iconic gold bikini would be hitting an online auction, giving nerds everywhere the opportunity to crank up their fantasies to 11. Worn while imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt on Tattoine, the infamous bikini became one of the most recognizable film images of all time.

Well, on Oct. 1, that auction, run by Profiles in History, successfully sold the Jabba-approved couture for a cool $96,000. Damn. The buyer’s name has not been released, but it is safe to say that he is going to get more high fives in the upcoming weeks than he has in his entire life.

While that kind of money is certainly shocking, it isn’t even the most expensive piece of memorabilia sold in the auction: a miniature model of the blockade runner, a Rebel ship flown by Princess Leia, sold for $450,000. I think it is safe to assume that Star Wars fatigue is not going to be setting in anytime soon. Also, never underestimate the impact that Carrie Fisher had on a certain generation.

(Via Mashable)