A Leaked ‘Logan’ Deleted Scene Answers A Key Sabretooth Question

05.16.17 11 months ago

20th Century Fox

Thanks largely to premium cable’s hunkiest fixer Ray Donovan, we weren’t spoiled with a Sabretooth sighting in the claws-n-sobs R-rated blockbuster Logan. A recently leaked (and quickly pulled) deleted scene from the Hugh Jackman motion picture is evidence that the Wolverine villain wasn’t going to go unacknowledged at first. This seems like a possible plot/spoiler alert type situation, so tread however you need to tread.

As reported by the Heat Vision wing of The Hollywood Reporter, a deleted scene was pirated and plunked online featuring a conversation our grizzled mutant hero has about what’s fact and what’s fiction about how the X-Men are portrayed in the in-film’s comic book properties. Talking with one of the mutant children, he’s asked point blank if Sabretooth is just a comic book creation or Logan actually dealt with in real (movie) life.

“Sabretooth was real,” explains Logan. “He was in a program with me, kind of like [the experimentation] they did to you.”

You’ve gotta take your X-Men Origins nods where you can get them, gang. Anyway, it’s a nice little nod to Sabretooth and his existence of being an asskicker with neat facial hair. That’s fine by us.

Anyway, the deleted scene seems like a reasonable thing to expect tucked into the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Logan set to arrive May 23.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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