Orphans, Inventions And Ballet Reign Supreme In The Peppy Trailer For ‘Leap!’

Animated orphans tend to be a plucky bunch. They harness their cute little fictional heartbreaks AND REACH FOR THE TOP AND PUNCH INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! Cinema’s latest batch of cartoon orphans have dreams of their own and they’re on full display in the first trailer for Leap!.

Slated to arrive in theaters on April 21, this film with a shouty title ushers us along the journey of would-be ballerina Félicie (voiced by Elle Fanning) and her inventor friend as they attempt to achieve their dreams in Paris. Under the tutelage of a cleaning lady (Carly Rae Jepsen ahoy!) with some sort of secret, Félicie attempts to crack the Paris Opera Ballet. Does Mel Brooks voice mustachioed creep that chases our heroine on a roof? He sure does!

The film is a bit of a repackage. Leap! was previously titled Ballerina when it was released in Canada, France and the UK in late 2016 and early 2017. The French-Canadian creation scored mixed reviews in the gap before its pre-Leap! repackaging, although the hook for a chunk of the audience may be the soundtrack more than the reviews. Jeppo (Popjustice™), Sia and Selena Gomez provide original music for the motion picture.