The Founder Of Lebowski Fest Was Arrested For Smoking Weed At A Bowling Alley

In what could be the plot of a Coen Brothers movie, the founder of Lebowski Fest, an annual party to celebrate the 1998 stoner-bowling movie, was arrested on Saturday… at Lebowski Fest.

Police seized Will Russell at Executive Strike & Spare, a bowling alley in Louisville, Kentucky, “on charges of possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, and menacing,” according to the Courier-Journal. Russell had allegedly been smoking weed in the parking lot, and when the cops approached him, he “took a challenging stance with clenched fists, leading them to believe he may be capable of causing physical injury.” Because no one f*cks with the Lebowski Fest founder.

Russell was taken to Metro Corrections and has since been released.

On his public Facebook page, he wrote, “Don’t worry. Be happy for me.” (Via Courier-Journal)

Officers weren’t amused when he asked them, “Mind if I do a J?”

(Via Courier-Journal)