Lego Batman Shows How He’s Caped Crusader Of Interior Design With This Inspired ‘Cribs’ Spoof

The release of The LEGO Batman Movie is quickly approaching (just in time for Valentine’s Day!), and the Warner Brothers marketing team is really knocking it out of the park for this one. With the actors behind the characters participating in these clips, they’ve been channeling hilarious behind the scenes interviews and Great Gatsby spoofs for maximum impact. For their latest, Batman (Will Arnett) and his roommate, “crazy wealthy, super good-looking, but is also just a down-to-earth, rad dude” Bruce Wayne, give viewers a tour of Wayne Manor a la MTV’s Cribs.

Between the lobster thermidore, dolphin swimming pool, and super secret “man cave,” Wayne Manor seems like the dream, even if Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) and Robin (Michael Cera) are hell-bent on ruining Batman’s secret identity and forcing him to have feelings. Batman was easily the best part of The LEGO Movie, so hopefully getting his own feature will be more of what works instead of wearing out the joke (looking at you, Minions). At the very least, The LEGO Batman Movie seems to have in spades what the rest of the DC Comics movies are so desperately lacking: a real sense of fun. Robin didn’t even have to take his pants off this time.

(H/T EW)