The ‘Lego Batman Movie’ Goes ‘Behind The Scenes’ With The Cast, And You’ll Feel Bad For The Joker

The Lego Batman Movie promises to expand quite a bit on Batman’s world, right down to some of the more ridiculous villains. But this featurette also reminds us that it’s a story about Batman learning to not be such a selfish jerk. Well, trying to, at any rate.

The gag, of course, is that everybody’s in character as the Joker, Barbara Gordon and others chat about how the movie is really about family, or teamwork, or finally getting the respect you deserve in the Joker’s case, while Batman seems to pretty much think it’s a Bat-infomercial. Which is about in line with Batman elsewhere, seeing as he’s the original “always on brand” self-marketer. We do also get the occasional bit from the movies, like the fact they’re going, hilariously, full Batman TV series with the fights and building sound effects out of Lego when Batman socks somebody.

The Joker, though, is really a bit sad. All he really wants is for Batman to acknowledge him as the great improv comedian and best frenemy a superhero could have! Is that so bad? After all, it’s not like the Joker was a gymnast with a promising career as a doctor he gave up to pursue Batman’s affections. I’m sure if Batman had somebody like that, he’d appreciate her, er, him more.

(via YouTube)