‘Lego Batman’ Swoops In With A New Trailer

Batman V. Superman was a huge hit, but not everybody was enthused by a Batman straight from the pages of The Dark Knight Returns. Fortunately for them, the Lego franchise is here with a wackier Batman, albeit one who is incredibly mean to the Joker.

The trailer is fairly nerdy underneath the elaborate animated pyrotechnics, not least because of a gag teasing both the aforementioned boxing match movie and Superman’s historical tendency to be a Batman villain. Because come on, he totally is. More seriously, though, the movie does draw on a fairly common thread with recent Batman comics, which is that a man who’s seen his parents murdered right in front of him and deals with his feelings by becoming a ninja who is also a detective might not be good at forming new relationships. Batman will need to get over it, already, if he wants to save Gotham.

Then again, Robin is probably the most overenthusiastic Boy Wonder we’ve ever met, and we can understand Batman worried he won’t be able to keep his grimdark reputation. Then again, Robin is wearing Batman’s reggae outfit, so maybe that reputation was by the boards already. We’ll see just how self-serious Bruce can be on February 10th.

(via YouTube)