A Brand New Trailer For ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Has Arrived To Delight Us All

The release of The LEGO Movie took a lot of people off guard. It was a movie based on a brand of toys that didn’t really have one overarching theme or set of characters, a brand of toys that acquired many difference licenses and stretched out to different genres. All of that sounded like a recipe for disaster, yet the final produce was a thoughtful, pleasant, fun and delightful movie for all ages that has taken LEGO bricks from the living room floor to the big screen. While The LEGO Movie 2 might be delayed for a bit, The LEGO Batman Movie is still on track and looking as delightful as ever.

Set to be released on February 10th, The LEGO Batman Movie stars Will Arnett as the gravely-voiced superhero as he goes on LEGO-sized misadventures as the well-meaning lunkhead LEGO Batman that was established in The LEGO Movie. At Comic-Con 2016, Warner Bros. unveiled a bit more of an in-depth trailer for the upcoming movie, including what to actually expect other than Will Arnett barking like the Dark Knight.

Instead, The LEGO Batman movie will focus on a rather depressed, immature Batman dealing with the fact that he adopted a son while he shows Robin the ropes of crime fighting in LEGO Gotham City. If that doesn’t sound delightful then what does?