The LEGO ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Is Actually Darker Than The Real Trailer

So we’ve all seen the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at this point, some have even analyzed the thing to death within moments of its release. It’s out there in one form or the other, so it’s only natural that we’d now get a ton of parody videos based on that trailer.

The first that I’ve come across is this LEGO version that plays upon The LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman to get your hopes up, but then manages to let you down with pure darkness. I mean actual darkness, you can hardly see what is going on in this thing.

It covers all the large beats from the trailer, though, but it doesn’t help with the LEGO form. Give me the bright characters from the LEGO game, but with the grim feelings from the trailer. That’d be better. I still like the actual movie, but I just wish they’d get this promotional junk out of the way. This is essentially like selling beer, just give it to the people.