Everything Is Awesome About This Homemade ‘Lego Movie’ Halloween Costume

No offense to your child, but unless he or she is dressed as Andy Dwyer, complete with Hologram Li’l Sebastian, 2014’s best Chris Pratt-inspired Halloween costume belongs to a little boy who wanted to be Emmet from The Lego Movie. His father wasn’t satisfied with the options at Party City or Crazy Eddie’s Costume Emporium (“Now Bedbug Free…Mostly!”) or On November 1st This Store Turns Into the Christmas Shop, so he made one himself.

The head and hair are just a sheet of dense foam. I cut out many of the needed diameter and glued them all together. after that had died I used a coarse wood file to start shaping the foam to my desired shape. I then coated it in resin and painted it. The whole body is nothing more than precisely cut junk cardboard scraps taped together and covered in resin. (Via)

You can check out his 13-step guide to making the thing here, but no, really, your daughter’s ghost blanket ensemble looks GREAT. Did you cut the eye-holes yourself?

Via Instructables

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