Don’t Worry, Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Have Any Fleas In His Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio Beard
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The Revenant, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s follow-up to Birdman starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy (think: cold Mad Max), is over budget by $35 million, production moved from Canada to Argentina in search of snow, and some 10-20 crew members quit during shooting, probably because of sentences like, “Iñarritu decided that a naked character should be dragged along the ground.” But don’t worry, all that testicle-dragging didn’t give DiCaprio fleas.

Leonardo DiCaprio does not have fleas nesting in his beard, despite a new tabloid report…We’re told it’s completely “absurd.” According to the National Enquirer, an unidentified girl freaked out when she spotted a flea perched in DiCaprio’s “big bushy beard.”

A so-called “friend” of the star tells the tabloid that DiCaprio’s famous pals like Tobey Maguire and Kevin Connolly relentlessly make fun of his alleged flea infestation. (Via Gossip Cop)

Once a Pussy Posse (ew), always a Pussy Posse (ew).

Anyway, all this talk of beards, fleas, and people getting injured makes me want to see The Revenant even more. The next trailer should just be a static shot of DiCaprio in front of a mirror, wondering if his gross beard is better than McConaughey’s gross beard.

(Via Gossip Cop)